There's loads going on for families, children and young people at HBC (Hanham Baptist Church) every week .  So if you've come to us for the first time through Holiday Bible Club and had the 'BEST TIME EVER!' Why wait until next year to come and see us again? 

For more info on any of the below groups message us through Facebook or Instagram.

Tots@10 is our weekly parents and toddlers group, which meets every Wednesday morning from 10am -11.30am in our hall.  There's plenty for the children to play with and do, including toys, 'Play-doh' ,crafts, story time, singing, dancing and even the odd instrument gets bashed occasionally too.  There of course is always plenty of tea and coffee for adults and you may even get a chocolate biscuit if little hands don't grab them all first.  

Breakout is a Friday night children's club, for school years 4 - 6 and runs 6pm -7.30pm.  Every week there's stories, crafts, games, tuck, indoor and outdoor sports (depending on the weather) and some sort of activity/challenge; junk modelling, cooking, initiative test, painting challenge... all sorts of fun!  Depending on the time of year we'll also do larger activities like; Bonfire and sparklers in Nov, Christmas Party in Dec, Pancake cooking and games in Feb, stuff for Red Nose Day and Children and Need etc, plus some out and about activities at the end of each term.  Interested? come and join the fun.      


    Kids on Sunday's meet every week from 10.30am-12pm and consists of three groups; 


                    Bubbles ages 3 - 4 meet for songs, messy/creative play, bible stories and much more.

                 Juniors ages 5 - 11 meet for games, bible stories, quiz's, and the occasional sweet or two.

     Seniors are aged 11 - 18 and spend some time reading the bible and then eating sweets and biscuits 

                                           whilst discussing it and trying to work out what it's saying to them.  

Fusion is an open youth group that meets at Church every Friday night between 8pm-9.45pm, and is for young people in school yr’s 7 to 11.  Each week young people come to chill out, play pool, table tennis, air hockey, darts, on the games consoles and use all of other games equipment, plus eat their body weight in tuck.  We also do a number of other activities such as; cooking (most importantly eating), archery, messy games, indoor and outdoor sports, weekends away, canoeing, climbing football and many others. 

Check us out on Instagram @HBC.Fusion 

Cell is a midweek bible study for young people in school Yr 9+.  It meets every Monday (midweek?) at 7pm-8.30pm in the upstairs lounge at Church.  It's for young people who think there’s more to life and are searching for answers (also for those that think they know it all too).  There’s food, drink, YouTube clips, discussions, music, and time to see what the Bible's all about and if  it's still relevant today.

Girls' Brigade  meet every Thursday night, 6.15pm – 7-45pm (ages 5 –

11years old) then 6.45pm - 8.30pm (age 11 plus)  It's fun, friendly and faith led with stories, games, crafts, life skills, cooking, tuck and more come and join the fun.