This years' holiday club is based around the theme 'Back Packers'.  
It's a five day club that runs from Mon 29th July - Fri 02nd August, 9.30am - 12.30pm and as always is absolutely FREE!  
At this years Holiday Bible Club, the children will come and check into the Hanham youth hostel ( the Church).  They'll join us on a journey around Europe as we take in the sights, experience new things and even try out some different languages.  As we travel together, we'll also take some time to explore an important journey that Jesus made through Jerusalem to the cross (the Easter story).  There will be all the usual fun, games, drama, bouncy castle, bible stories, crafts, sweets, drinks, snacks and family BBQ.  
However well travelled you are, you'll find your place at Backpackers, it's going to be AMAZING! 


to the world famous Hanham Baptist Church Holiday Bible Club.  Of course, we can't prove this but we like to think that we are.  We run a FREE, fun packed week (usually during the first full week of August) of; games, crafts, bible stories, songs, quiz's, drama, bouncy castle and loads more.  The kids get drinks and biscuits during the morning and plenty of sweets too.  By the time you come to collect them they'll have an arm full of things they've made and are usually ready to just come home and sleep.  Why don't you check out some of the photos in our gallery and contact us if you have any questions.

Hope to see you in August. 

HBC Team

Hanham Baptist Church